Thank you →

Thank you to everybody who made Saturday’s event a big success. 

Our volunteers for donating their time and energy, our friends at Fangohr for their ideas, energy and leadership on the design, site and sales materials, our speakers for being not only interesting but exceptional people, and the near-capacity crowd for their attention, enthusiasm and willingness to stand up and talk like tomatoes.  And just everybody for being interested in something called interesting.

We’ll put up our photos and video of the day soon.  And we invite everybody to post their photos on the site:

Thanks again.  See you next time.

Interesting Tomorrow →

The program begins tomorrow 10:00 sharp. 

Tickets are still available online for $35 from the EVENT page

A limited number will be available at the door for $40 (cash only).

Thanks for supporting Interesting.

How to get run over by a Metro North Train and Live →

“I fell under a train leaving the Poughkeepsie station, three cars ran over me and I only need 4 stitches.  It was every commuter’s nightmare.”

Mark Baltazar lived to tell us about it.  He’s at

Credo Quia Absurdum Est.  Romanian Political Street Art →

“Romanian Street Art is gaining momentum; enjoy a brief tour of the most wonderful, cheeky and controversial artwork from one of Europe’s most daring cities.”

Alex Rosu will (virtually) join us for this topic.  He can be found at Brici Entertainment in Bucharest.

Secret Societies and the Twilight of Hidden Knowledge →

“Secrets lie at the core of trust, and trust at the core of relationships.  By supplying ready-made arcana, subcultures engender instant intimacy among their members.”

David Art Wales will tell us what he knows about secret societies.  Learn more about him at

the consumer connection project →

“I’m in the midst of a one-year experiment to meet the people who make everything I consume. I have traveled from Maine to Kentucky to California and learned some interesting things about sustainability and accessibility.”

Scott Ballum will be joining us to talk about this.  He’s at

dollhouse earth →

“An ideological and historical survey of building on Earth as if someone’s watching from space.”

Kevin Slavin from Area Code is all set to bend your mind with this one.  Learn more about Kevin at